The AZNAFTO board consists of a president, 1st vice-president, 2nd vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and two member at large positions.

Graham Tinius
Chandler PD

1st Vice-President
Dan Greene
Chandler PD

2nd Vice-President
Scott Steele
Bullhead City PD

Larry Fuchtman
Arizona State University PD

Shawn Hansen
Chandler PD

Member at Large A
Jeremy Felish
Arizona Game & Fish Department

Member-at-Large B
Matthew Hanson
Phoenix PD

Members who serve on the AZNAFTO board, do so on their own time.  These positions are not paid or compensated.  These individuals have a strong desire to see the apprenticeship training model succeed in Arizona State.  Commonly referred to as the Field Training Officer concept (FTO) for Law Enforcement, Communications, and Corrections.  This is the most widely used training model in Arizona State.


The AZNAFTO Board meets several times annually.  They communicate with the state membership and NAFTO to ensure the success of the Arizona Chapter of NAFTO.  Additionally they are the local voice for the National Association of Field Training Officers.  To be elected to the AZNAFTO board, you must first be a member in good standing with AZNAFTO.


Welcome to the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Field Officers or AZNAFTO. So many demands being placed on our first responders, field trainers in law enforcement, telecommunications, EMS and corrections are complex and challenging. Our trainers need to be as knowledgeable, professional, and effective as they can.


The mission of AZNAFTO is to be a resource for field trainers and public safety agencies for developing and growing field training programs.


What is a field trainer or field training officer? A field trainer guides a trainee from his/her graduation from academy or technical training through a formal on-the-job transition period to where the new employee can function as a solo-capable employee.


I encourage Arizona law enforcement, telecommunications, corrections and EMS field trainers and other educators in public safety disciplines to join AZNAFTO. The free and open exchange of ideas on how best to train our newest public safety employees is how we will keep Arizona public safety agencies the most professional and effective in the nation.


Art Vernon
AZ Chapter President


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