Executive Board Elections

The National Executive Board is excited to present the following candidates for our open election. National Executive Board members are collectively responsible for running the Association on behalf of our membership. We ask that you exercise the care and sound judgement when reviewing the candidates’ qualifications and casting your vote.

Check your email for e-ballots and information regarding the election timing.

Running for: Sergeant at Arms

Jennifer Hall

NAFTO Members,


It is an absolute privilege to be eligible for a position in an organization that has such an influential and educational role in training. Field training is the foundation for skills and tactics and reinforces the culture within the agency, but also within the community. This organization is a resource for those investing time and effort into training and for those in leadership roles, as it informs, collaborates, and delivers relevant and impactful information. It also provides a forum for trainers to share the struggles and successes in training.  

Due to the impact that NAFTO has on training across the country, I do not take the responsibilities that come with serving on the board lightly. It will be vital for NAFTO to remain informed and be a front-runner in distributing evidence-based approaches and best practices in training people within your agency. I believe that I am a capable candidate and would not only bring experience, but also fresh, new ways to advance the organization. 


My experience makes me a very capable candidate for the position of Sergeant at Arms. I have served the citizens of Louisville for the past 16 years in multiple roles for the Louisville Metro Police Department. I am currently assigned to the Career Development Unit as well as being the Police Training Officer Coordinator, which is part of the LMPD Training Division. Before this assignment, I was a detective in the Crimes Against Children Unit and prior to that was a patrol officer in one of the busiest divisions in the city. 

My academic background also provides a solid foundation in developing training, evaluating programs, and researching best practices. I received a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University, a M.A. in Sociology from the University of Louisville, and a Ph.D. in Applied Sociology from the University of Louisville. The concentration of my studies involved social policy and criminology. In 2021 I received the NIJ Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) scholarship and through this opportunity I am now connected to several law enforcement and research organizations, to include IACP, PERF, and RAND. 


I know and value the importance of training and its impact it can have on a person’s entire career. This organization is essential in establishing a solid foundation for the next generation of public safety. I want to be a part of advancing NAFTO and maintaining the progressive mindset the members carry. Please consider voting for me for the board position of Sergeant at Arms.


Thank you,

Jenny Hall

Sgt. Jeffrey A. Crippen

To: The Membership of the National Association of Field Training Officers 



My name is Jeffery A. Crippen, I am a Patrol Sergeant / K9 Handler / FTO Coordinator in Washington State and your current Sergeant-At-Arms. I would like to thank each of you for your dedication to our chosen profession and to our association. I am seeking another term to serve as your Sergeant-at-Arms and would appreciate your vote. 

I have been a Police Officer since 1992 in both California and Washington. In 1995 I was promoted to the rank of Police Corporal with part of my duties to be a Field Training Officer (FTO) for my department. After this promotion I discovered a passion for teaching others to include the public we all serve. During my time in Southern California, I created several community orientated policing projects to educate the work force, the community and high school students about the effects of alcohol usage and sales to underage minors. 

Upon moving to Washington State in 2000, I discovered the lack of a formal Field Training Program at my agency. After completing the WA-NAFTO FTO School, I returned to my agency and created and implemented a new FTO program. Since then, I have assisted other Washington State Law Enforcement Agencies with both implementing and updating their FTO Programs. Currently, I am in the process of updating my agency’s FTO program to be in line with Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission’s, Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act (LETCSA) Overarching Principals. 


During my career I have held the ranks of Officer, Corporal, Senior Officer, FTO, K9 Handler and Sergeant. Throughout my career I have also served as a law enforcement instructor in both states. As an active FTO I have an excellent grasp of the current trends and needs of our new recruits. As a FTO coordinator I manage an FTO program so I understand the needs of an FTO program and as Sergeant at Arms I would work hard to ensure you have the support and tools you need to be successful in your training endeavors. 

In June of 2013, I was elected to the National Executive Board of NAFTO and have served the membership since in the roles of President, Vice President, and Member at Large. I have assisted with the training of NAFTO’s Basic FTO School and taught at our National Conference. I am also the current vendor liaison for NAFTO and work hard to seek out and recruit new vendors to help cut costs for our conferences and most importantly give our membership new ideas on products designed to help make their job as a FTO better. At the most recent annual conference, I was able to obtain sponsorships for our conference hospitality room, our night in, cornhole tournament and our business lunch. This allowed FTO’s from across the nation to have the chance to meet and network over the course of several days at no additional cost. 

Since 2013 I have maintained a strong working knowledge of NAFTO, served on the conference scouting team as well as worked closely with other executive board members as we work hard to push NAFTO forward as a nationally recognized premier Law Enforcement training association. My extensive experience and commitment to NAFTO along my years of law enforcement training, experience and current status as a working Field Training Officer make me an excellent candidate for the open position of Sergeant-at-Arms. 

I respectfully ask for your vote to be re-elected to the National Executive Board of the National Association of Field Training Officers as your Sergeant-at-Arms. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Jeffery Crippen 

Sgt-at-Arms / Vendor Liaison- National Executive Board