The FLNAFTO board consists of a president, 1st vice-president, 2nd vice-president, director, and two member at large positions.

Jason White

1st Vice-President
Cody Rowinsky

2nd Vice-President
Cliff Matthews

Stewart Brown

Member at Large A
Billy Wells

Member-at-Large B
Jason Dunlap

Members who serve on the FLNAFTO board, do so on their own time. These positions are not paid or compensated. These individuals have a strong desire to see the apprenticeship training model succeed in Florida State. Commonly referred to as the Field Training Officer concept (FTO) for Law Enforcement, Communications, and Corrections. This is the most widely used training model in Florida State.


The FLNAFTO Board meets several times annually. They communicate with the regional directors and the advisory members to ensure the success of the Florida Chapter of NAFTO. Additionally they are the local voice for the National Association of Field Training Officers. To be elected to the FLNAFTO board, you must first be a member in good standing with FLNAFTO.


In 2017 we attended the National Conference in Colorado. This being the first time we attended the National Association of Field Training Officers conference, we were a little hesitant on the classes being offered due to the fact many of us from Florida were Paramedics. We initially thought the National conference training classes were all based and focused on law enforcement material.


As a paramedic Field Training Officer I did not know what to expect, or even if our group of Paramedics would be accepted into this circle of law enforcement, corrections and communication trainers. I was pleasantly surprised I was wrong! NAFTO invites FTO’s from all 4 areas of public service.  Regardless of your background, job title, rank, or area of service, we all train for the same goal. That is to prepare the “New Guy” for the world of serving the public.


Here in sunny Florida, we have started our state chapter of NAFTO! We are dedicated to help train and prepare FTO’s to get that “New Employee” ready for public service. FLNAFTO’s goal is to provide great training, classes, and mentor-ship programs to all FTO’s in the State of Florida. It is important we keep training methods up to date and current with best practices nationally. We are working with NAFTO to provide training from Basic FTO classes, Advanced FTO classes as well as FTO Management classes. We are very excited about working with the best trainers in the nation to provide these opportunities in the near future.


If you would like to be an important part of the Florida Chapter of NAFTO and this great national organization, learning from the best in the business for FTO related training for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Communications, and EMS. We hope you will consider joining the Florida Chapter of NAFTO as a resource for a variety of your training needs. We are seeking new members, which ultimately provides our state chapter with a widening field of expertise.  Please do not hesitate to join. I look forward to hearing from you.


Chief FTO  Jason White
President – FLNAFTO