Host a Class

If you are looking for quality, professional training for your field training officers, NAFTO can provide that training. Through the co-hosting concept we can provide the training for your agency or area.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a NAFTO FTO School.


Please note that the following conditions are mandatory to host a class:

  • Screen and projector OR large screen TV’s
  • House sound system
  • WiFi accessible to students


NAFTO will provide the following:

  • Instructor
  • Instructor fees and travel expenses.
  • Handouts
  • Class registration is handled by NAFTO


To host a class, we need a classroom that can comfortably hold 30 people (though 40 to 50 is preferred).  The classroom has to have a projector and screen or big screen TV’s that can be accessed via an HDMI cable, house sound (no laptop speakers), and student accessible Wifi.  We prefer that each student have a desk or surface to place laptop on.  We also need a white board, and at least one flip chart and markers in class.
The cost for a 2 day class is $250 per student. and a 3 day class is $350 per student.  The class has to have 20 paid registrations to move forward.  At 20 paid registrations, the host agency gets 2 free spots in class. At 30 they get 3, etc. If we were to get 18 or 19 registrations, and it was financially viable for the class to move forward, we could do so at our sole discretion, but there would be no free spots for the hosting agency.
Alternatively, an agency can “buy out” a 2 day class for $6200, or a 3 day class for $8500..  That would allow you to have up to 30 people in class.  They could all be from your agency, or you could invite (and charge) other agencies to attend.  If you buy out the class, the class is guaranteed to move forward no matter how many people are registered.  However the host agency would handle registration.
We pay for the instructor, travel, lodging, etc.  We depend on the hosting agency to market the class locally by distributing the flier, calling neighboring agencies, and communicating with training coordinators.
 We generally like to schedule 90 days out, or farther.  But if you are confident we can get 20 or more people in class sooner, or you are buying out the class, we can be flexible.
All of our instructors are current and active FTO’s or FTO supervisors.  You won’t be hearing from someone who retired 15 years ago telling you how to train.


Complete the form below.  Class fees are set by NAFTO and are dependent on your location and the answers you provide in the form below.  Be very thorough in answering the questions on the hosting request form.

The on-site contact will be the liaison to NAFTO for this training. NAFTO asks that either the host agency or a pre-designated contact be available at all times during the training to assist with logistics, troubleshooting, equipment, and other issues. NAFTO also requests that the co-host agency assist in promoting the training through various marketing methods, including email listservs, word of mouth, web postings, and any other available avenues.
Classroom Requirements: - Accommodate up to 20 participants, not counting instructors and staff, Minimum. - Be available for the entire duration of the training. - Not have columns or beams that would obstruct the view of projection screens and easels. - Accommodate either tables in 6-8 rounds or squares to promote group interaction. - Have 2-3 extra tables reserved for instructors/staff. - Have adequate restroom facilities nearby.
This is required to host the class.
This is required to host the class.
This is required to host the class.
NAFTO requests that the host agency familiarize staff on the operation of any processes needed to adjust room temperature, lighting, or sound levels. The training room should be wired to accommodate appropriate A/V equipment.
NAFTO invites a representative of the host agency to welcome participants at the beginning of the training on the morning of Day 1. Please notify the NAFTO Training Coordinator in advance as to who will be speaking.