Host a Class

If you are looking for quality, professional training for your field training officers, NAFTO can provide that training. Through the co-hosting concept we can provide the training for your agency or area.

NAFTO will provide the following:

  • Instructor
  • Instructor fees and travel expenses.
  • Handouts
  • Class registration is handled by NAFTO


Complete the form below.  Class fees are set by NAFTO and are dependent on your location and the answers you provide in the form below.  Be very thorough in answering the questions on the hosting request form.

Hosting Request Form

    Host Agency

    The on-site contact will be the liaison to NAFTO for this training. NAFTO asks that either the host agency or a pre-designated contact be available at all times during the training to assist with logistics, troubleshooting, equipment, and other issues.

    NAFTO also requests that the co-host agency assist in promoting the training through various marketing methods, including email listservs, word of mouth, web postings, and any other available avenues.


    Will the host agency assist with transportation of NAFTO Instructors?


    We ask that the host agency provide recommendations for hotels near the training site.

    Training Location Information

    Classroom Requirements:
    - Accommodate up to 20 participants, not counting instructors and staff, Minimum.
    - Be available for the entire duration of the training.
    - Not have columns or beams that would obstruct the view of projection screens and easels.
    - Accommodate either tables in 6-8 rounds or squares to promote group interaction.
    - Have 2-3 extra tables reserved for instructors/staff.
    - Have adequate restroom facilities nearby.

    Training Location

    Is there a cost involved at this training site?

    Will the classroom be available prior to training for set-up? (required)

    Is there on-site parking available? (required)

    NAFTO requests that the host agency familiarize staff on the operation of any processes needed to adjust room temperature, lighting, or sound levels. The training room should be wired to accommodate appropriate A/V equipment.

    Please indicate which equipment and/or supplies will be available for use by NAFTO Instructors:
    Projector screen - 8x8 or largerLCD projectorSound systemComputer (desktop or laptop)Power stripsExtension cordsTable or cart for computer and projectorInternetEaselsFlipchart paperMarkers

    Host Welcome
    NAFTO invites a representative of the host agency to welcome participants at the beginning of the training on the morning of Day 1. Please notify the NAFTO Training Coordinator in advance as to who will be speaking.

    Will You Have a Welcome Speaker?