State Chapters

State Chapters of NAFTO represent your state and are the local resource for law enforcement, corrections, communications, and EMS trainers in your state.

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Is Your State Ready to Start a NAFTO Chapter?

NAFTO is a leader for training, communication, and sharing of ideas in regards to the “Field Training Officer Concept” and apprenticeship training. NAFTO is a non profit organization and was created as a resource for law enforcement, corrections, and communications trainers throughout the United States and beyond.

Whether you use FTO or PTO training models, NAFTO encourages the exchange of ideas and communication in order to promote “Field Training Program” related issues, which are unique to apprenticeship training models.

Starting a state chapter is not as hard as you might think. NAFTO has a new website, which has several good things in place for your new state chapter.


  • NAFTO has purchased all the state NAFTO URL’s. ie. AZNAFTOCONAFTO, etc. Your state is ready to go for your new chapter.
  • NAFTO has also worked out a deal to have a page added to our website dedicated solely to your chapter.
    • No annual hosting fees, No annual domain fees, no huge webmaster bills, NAFTO handles it all!
  • NAFTO has also instituted a membership program that is integrated into our website. This allows easy member management as well as registration for NAFTO classes and your annual state conference. No more excel spreadsheets!

How Do You Start Your State Chapter?

  • You need a group of people ready to get started and make a difference in your state. This group of people will be the first “Board of Directors.” Your board can be as minimal as a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    • Board members are not paid, but they do not pay member dues during their tenure on the board.
  • NAFTO will put your new web page together for you.
  • NAFTO will help with the By-Laws for your state.
  • You need to reach out and get members!
  • NAFTO dues are $40.00 per year for each member. $15.00 of those dues goes to the state chapter.
  • Plan for a state conference to draw more members to your chapter. A state conference can simply be a one day conference to bring your members together and train and communicate on issues specific to your state.


Communication is the key to drawing new members. You can do this by writing articles for your state, which will be posted on your state chapter website as well as the National site. Host mini meetings where you bring FTO’s from around your state together and start talking. Your state is full of experts in the area of the apprenticeship training. Your state chapter will bring them together to address issues specific to your state.

If you are ready to get a state chapter of NAFTO going, we are here to help you move forward and get going.


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