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Who we are:

The National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO) is a non-profit educational and professional association concerned with apprenticeship training.

Commonly referred to as the “Field Training Officer Concept”, apprenticeship training is used for law enforcement, communications, and corrections personnel. Educators, administrators and other criminal justice practitioners are also encouraged to participate.


NAFTO was created as a resource for law enforcement, corrections, and communications trainers throughout the United States and beyond.  NAFTO encourages the exchange of ideas and communication in order to promote “Field Training Program” related issues, which are unique to apprenticeship training models.


Those who choose a career in law enforcement, communications, corrections, and EMS, do not have the skills necessary to simply show up and perform the job in a proficient manner.  These career fields have a basic training requirement, such as an academy.  This training is basic and provides the foundation of learning.  However, it does not provide all the skills necessary to ensure candidates are ready to perform the duties required to do the job in a solo or proficient status.


Apprenticeship training, also known as “The Field Training Officer Concept” is necessary to provide training to new candidates.  Field Training Officers known as FTO’s, are experienced officers who attend organized and established training that provides the skills necessary to evaluate and train career candidates.


NAFTO is a resource for Field Training Officers, agencies and departments for developing, and growing field training programs.   NAFTO hosts an annual national training conference.  This annual training conference features break-out sessions, guest speakers and more.  Field training officers in various career fields exchange ideas and solutions for field training programs within their own organization.

How we can help.

Standardized Field Training Reduces Liability As It Relates To:
  • Negligent Hiring
  • Negligent Retention
  • Negligent Assignment
  • Negligent Entrustment
  • Negligent Training
  • Failure to Document
  • Negligent Supervision
  • Failure to Direct
  • Due Process Issues

Apprenticeship Training

Whether FTO or PTO model, Apprenticeship training is used for Law Enforcement, Communications, Corrections and EMS.


21st Century Policing

NAFTO is knowledgeable in regards to the recommendations made by the Task Force for 21st Century Policing.


Subject Matter Experts

Law enforcement, Communications, Corrections, EMS; We have subject matter experts to help your organization.



NAFTO provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques and program management and best practices.

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Our annual conference cannot be possible without the support of our sponsors.


Sandy police officer back in Utah after helping Kentucky tornado victims

Sandy police officer back in Utah after helping Kentucky tornado victims

The NAFTO Executive Board and staff could not be more proud to serve along side our Secretary, Graham Tinius. Graham’s personal sacrifice to respond to help those in need in Kentucky is a fine example of his character. Graham is a highly committed man of service. 


SANDY, Utah — It’s almost like a calling.

Ask any law enforcement officer why they pursued this career, and you’ll often hear it’s because they want to help people. It’s what led Graham Tinius to the job and ultimately to the Sandy Police Department.

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Spokane County Deputy Earns National Certification as a Master Field Training Officer (FTO)

Spokane County Deputy Earns National Certification as a Master Field Training Officer (FTO)

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy, and Field Training Officer, Louis Acosta was ceremoniously awarded his Master Field Training Officer (FTO) Certification from the National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO) during the 2021 Nation Conference. 

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