Five Strategies That Will Improve Law Enforcement Training

In the past two years, more than 4,500 police reform bills were considered by legislatures across the country, with nearly 300 bills approved to date. States are taking a significant new role in shaping law enforcement policy, accountability, and oversight. It’s important now, more than ever, for law enforcement agencies, whether at the department, country, region, or state level, to take a proactive approach to improve training. By reinforcing skills learned from the academy in the FTO program and targeting retention of those critical principles in in-service training hours, the end result will be a significant impact on the reduction of misconduct, critical incidents and litigation for law enforcement professionals and agencies.


Join Executive Director Dan Greene and Training Coordinator Graham Tinius from NAFTO, Project Manager Dianne Beer-Maxwell from IADLEST, and Doug Kazensky of Vector Solutions for an actionable discussion on how your law enforcement agency can better align with other departments and agencies in your state to improve the lifecycle of training for officers, ensure accountability and reduce liability.