Join NAFTO today to gain all the benefits of a national support system for your field training program.

NAFTO is designed to be owned, operated, and supported by the membership. Therefore, an annual membership fee is necessary. Membership fees are renewable on your anniversary join date.


If you are joining NAFTO for the first time, you will receive a membership renewal notice 12 months from the date you join.


NAFTO Membership Benefits

  • Regional and state chapter conferences and training sessions
  • An annual training conference at the national level
  • Consulting support to FTO program members, managers, supervisors, and department administrators
  • NAFTO training opportunites for basic, advanced, and FTO management courses


We prefer you register online.  However, if your agency is unable to register online, you can download this application in Word format.

Membership Options

individual membership

Individual Membership

Individual memberships can be purchased by an individual or their agency or organization.


Individual membership fees are $40.00, $15.00 of which is returned to state chapters when those chapters have been formed or are already in existence.

agency membership

Agency/Organization Membership

Agency/Organization memberships are only available for states with NAFTO Chapters.  Agency/Organization memberships are designed for agencies who may have a set number of FTO’s, although the individual FTO assignment may change.  Another added benefit to this type of membership is you essentially receive a number of free memberships based on the number of FTO’s you have versus the cost of individual memberships.


During the application process, you can add up to 10 employees. After you receive your membership credentials you will be able to add additional employees within your agency profile.